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Services We Provide

Our highly customized teams bring each client a combination of deep industry knowledge and expertperspectives from other industries on the challenge at stake.

Career counselling

Our experienced team helps you in career exploration, making the right career choices, managing career changes, lifelong career development and dealing with other career related issues such as gap year and finds the best solution for you.

Study abroad in every budget

With us, budget is never an issue. You will be able to access full scholarships all over Europe and hence your budget may be small, but your dreams should be big.

Country and university selection

On your first call with us, we will look at various country options that you have so as to study in Europe depending on your profile, budget and several other factors making sure that you are the best candidate for that course and the country.

Admission Test Classes For Bachelor Courses

Bachelor courses in many repute universities can require an admission test and many students have to return to India when they fail the admission test. Hence, to make sure that this does not happen with you, we provide full-length classes focused on the admission test syllabus. Language and culture classes are also available.

Complete application process and VISA Advisors

We help you apply to 4-5 best universities in Europe so as to assure 100% acceptance. We also assist you in doing proper Visa application with experienced guides.

Best scholarship Advisors in India

Our director himself has received more than 30 lacs INR in scholarships while studying his bachelor's in Italy. We make sure that you are provided with the best scholarship in your area of study.








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About us


Simplified Europe was formed with only one vision of helping students study abroad at the top ranked universities on a budget. Our main focus is to help the student make an amazing profile and get them the access to full scholarships at the prestigious universities of Europe.

The process starts with the application to 5 universities of students choice and can also be recommended by our advisors. Once the offer letters are received from the applied universities, we go forward with the following processes such as HRD, DOV and Pre-Enrollment. At the same time, our team members also start guiding on the Visa application. Once Visa application is doen, the students are guided further with the scholarship documentation which is one of the most important part of the process. We also help with the language courses and accommodation at the study destination of our students. After receiving the Visa, the student is ready to fly to his study destination and meet the university representatives at the international office for further support.


We, at Simplified Europe are a team of advisers and consultants who specialize in different steps of the process such as Applications, Scholarships, Visa and others. With our experienced scholarship advisers who themselves have received thousands of euros of scholarship while studying abroad, you will have easy and direct access to all the scholarship opportunities in Europe.

Studying abroad is a major decision in your life and you would want some experienced professionals to stand by your side. Your bright future is just a call away!

Design & Arts
Humanities, Psychology and Medicine


  • Choose Your University

    We help you choose the Universities of your choice and budget.

  • Application for admission

    We will apply to all the Universities of your choice and send you the offer letters so you can choose the best for you.

  • Finding Full scholarships for you

    We will start the Admission process and find and apply for the best scholarship for you.

  • Visa Assistance

    We will provide you full Visa assistance and help you with language and culture courses.

  • Take off to Europe

    Fly to Europe and meet our representative at the airport to take you to your accomodation.

Anastasia Serfioti

Always wanted to explore the world while being young Aix Marseille University and Panthéon Assas University (France) Get out of your box Amazing, Challenging, Exploring, Young and Free Just do it.

Giovanni Feruglio

To improve my knowledge in foreign languages and to create a unique background for my career Athlone Institute of Technology- I decided to come at AIT cause it’s a friendly environment where I can receive a good level of education Because it’s an opportunity that it can help not only in education but also for personal improvements Fantastic awesome incredible unique experience Start looking at the programs that should fit better to you and ask advice to who has already done a similar experience .

Simone Porcu

Studying abroad means challenging yourself every day in a unique way that you cannot have done in your home country.My advice to you is Be open to every experience that you face! 5 words that can define my study experiences in China,Italy and Sweden are Exploring, Conquering, Improving, Understanding and Listening.

Sukruthi Kawtekar

I study architecture at Politecnico di Torino. My advice to you is Be brave enough not to miss opportunities If you are scared about making friends then what i can say is that at first, I was also hesitant to mingle, but it takes a glimpse of enthusiasm to get along! Explore every chance. You never know what will change your whole life .

How is living in Europe?

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