Living Abroad

Someone said it once’ When you move from one country to another you have to accept that there are some things that are better and some things that are worse, and there is nothing you can do about it.’ Similarly, migrating in some other country could be challenging too. But if you map out some things and prepare for them in advance then it could be leisure. In the end, comfort matters. So you can do a few things for a better experience.

Global Career Pathways

Be ready to fly high in your life. Prepare yourself according to the international system. According to your interest, decide a goal of your life. Attend career seminars and research more about your goal. Learn the new skills and keep changing them according to the time and demand. Build your soft skills like confidence, personality traits, language, communication and adaptation. Either get involve in some club or societies to meet new people or apply for an internship. Always remember, only you can shine yourself so work hard and do the needful.

What to pack

There are a lot of factors you need to take into consideration when packing for study abroad. Pack important things according to the area, rural or urban, study more about the country like its climate, weather, area and trend. Then pack necessary documents like passport, visa, plane tickets, ISIC card, etc. Exchange the currency and then you are all set to leave.

Study Tips

Before moving to the country, study a little about it like local areas, climate, weather, residency, universities, citizen rules, currency, GDP, and the back ground of the country. The knowledge will be really useful. The most important thing, brush up your language skills. Consult a tutor if you are not good at English. You can also learn the local language of the country. Then it will be easy to communicate with others.

Job Seeking Tips

If you wish to find work in some other country you will have to follow certain things. Then it will be easy to get the job for you. Here are some tips.

Search jobs on the internet.

Find a suitable designation and company.

Once you select the company apply for it online.

If you get selected, apply for work and residence permit.

Apply for an employment visa or applying for the long-term or national visa could be more profitable.

Dealing with Stress

Change and fears go hand in hand. There will be stress looming over your head whenever you will think of your life on a different land. Its always difficult to adjust in a new environment. In order to deal with things follow this pattern. Relax, stop over thinking you cannot plan everything. Go with the flow and be ready for the challenges. Once you will accept the facts, the stress will leave you.

Managing Money

It’s essential to make a budget and manage money before moving across. Keep it mind that there will be ATM fees, bank transfer fees, and other expenses. Talk to your bank, know the value of the currency, apply for a scholarship, search a cheap but proper living place, get a student card as it will give you a lots of discounts, make a list of things you will need to buy, prepare meals at home, go for a part-time job if money is short.

Develop your Skills

Brush up a few skills before the final landing.

Learn the international and also the local language if possible.

Work on your personality and communication skills.

Learn the common greetings in their local language.

Research more about the country.

Apply for a part-time job if you need..

Know more about the education system.

Preparing to Go

Now, you are all set to leave. Everything is done from Visa to documents, from money to place, from clothes to currency. Everything is ready. Before flying, just do this last minute things.

Figure out the time difference

Get an emergency credit card line.

Do some advance research!

Read a book about the life in the particular area. .

Be ready to accept new things and welcome new experience.


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