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Simplified Europe was formed with only one vision of helping students study abroad at the top ranked universities on a budget. Our main focus is to help the student make an amazing profile and get them the access to full scholarships at the prestigious universities of Europe.

The process starts with the application to 5 universities of students choice and can also be recommended by our advisors. Once the offer letters are received from the applied universities, we go forward with the following processes such as HRD, DOV and Pre-Enrollment. At the same time, our team members also start guiding on the Visa application. Once Visa application is doen, the students are guided further with the scholarship documentation which is one of the most important part of the process.


We, at Simplified Europe are a team of advisers and consultants who specialize in different steps of the process such as Applications, Scholarships, Visa and others. With our experienced scholarship advisers who themselves have received thousands of euros of scholarship while studying abroad, you will have an easy and direct access to all the scholarship opportunities in Europe.

Studying abroad is a major decision in your life and you would want some experienced professionals to stand by your side. Your bright future is just a call away! Call us at +91 79-76045928

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Diwali in Italy

I am an Indian living in Italy.I have been living here for 3 years and this is what i can say about being an Indian in Italy-

My computer teacher was really happy when I told him that I am Indian as he knew Indians invented ‘0’ and that’s an important part of the binary language.Also,I am good at C. 😉

I have an Italian flatmate.He didn’t like the food I made in the beginning because it was way too spicy for him but now he can’t live without eating Indian food at least once in a day.

My Italian friends consider my color as beautiful and tanned and see India as an exotic land. They will visit India with me next year.

My house owner has been renting her house since a few years to a lot of Indian students .She has grown such a great interest in our culture that right now, she is on a trip to India.

Also ,one of her students has named her baby girl with my house owner’s name.

Also We celebrated Diwali with the local Hindu temple in a very traditional way. The ISKCON Hare Krishna temple also offers free food every Sunday her to all the people visiting the temple in the evening promoting the indian culture and teachings of Lord Krishna. I would like to add some photos of the Diwali Celebration in Italy this year-

Indians are called the Italians of Asia and that’s very true!

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