Study in Lithuania

5 Reasons to Study in Lithuania

  • ‌Lowest unemployment rate 3.4% only.

  • ‌Best salary for graduates starting from £40,000.

  • ‌Affordable and pocket friendly living cost.

  • ‌Known for its colleges and schools and the entire education system.

  • ‌Free university for everyone even for non-Germans.

About Lithuania

In August 2016, thousands of troops were amassed on the border of Lithuania and Russia. Growing threats of aggression have sparked fears of a New Cold War, seeing Russia potentially invading Lithuania. Having one of the lowest GDPs in the European Union and struggling with mass emigration, Lithuania is the largest and southernmost Baltic state, the others being Latvia and Estonia. It gained independence in 1990, just a year before the collapse of the Soviet Union — the first Soviet state to do so– and joined both NATO and the EU in 2004. This, coupled with their WTO membership, has led to extreme growth by increasing trade and investment from foreign nations. Lithuania ranked as Europe’s top-performing economy in 2002 with the highest growth rate, earning the title of ‘Baltic Tiger.’


Life in Lithuania


The capital Vilnius of Lithuanian is one of the very few capitals in the world that you can fly a hot-air balloon over apparently linguists say that of all the languages spoken today Lithuanian is the closest to ancient Sanskrit, making it one of the oldest languages in the world and also a super difficult Vilnius University was established in 1579 making it the oldest university in Eastern Europe we also boast one of the fastest internet speeds in the world and are sometimes referred to as the northern European capital of tech startups. Castle of Turkey it’s a massive medieval in the centre of a large lake just outside our capital Vilnius this castle was built by Vito toss degrade. when Lithuania was the largest country in Europe and was the political center for the whole country, the hill of crosses a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the north of Athena that features over 100 thousand crosses from all around the world and looks magical.


The Lithuanian Foundation offers a scholarship of $ 5,000 per academic year and the need to submit the application each time. According to the guidelines of the LF Grants Commission, the Lithuanian Foundation supports only those who are full-time students and have Lithuanian heritage. And pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate studies or involved in certain research activities according to the following priority

Industries and Research

The average Lithuanian is richer than 85% of the world’s inhabitants. He or she earns more than an average person in all African countries. Lithuania is a post-industrial society with about two-thirds of the population working in the service sector. The most important industries in Lithuania are petroleum refining (Mažeikių Nafta in Mažeikiai, 36.2% of total exports in 2011) and fertilizer manufacturing (Lifosa in Kėdainiai and Achema in Jonava, 8.9% of exports). Processed and unprocessed products account for 16.9% of exports.

Interesting facts about Lithuania

One of the oldest languages in the world is Lithuania. Basketball is the most popular sport in this country and Arvydas Sabonis is the greatest star of the basketball. Here every year, the river Vilnia is dyed bright emerald green for St. Patrick’s Day. The Stelmuze oak is the oldest tree in Europe which has survived The Crusades. One more interesting thing is that Lithuanians celebrate two independence days: there is one on February 16, and another, the Day of the Restoration of Independence, on March 11.

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